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Leo Parente 2017

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Thursday, June 02, 2005




A diversity of skills - Business and Brand Strategy. Advertising. Marketing. Sales. Partnership Development. HR Management. Operations Management.

A variety of industry experiences - Advertising. Automotive. B2B. Consumer Goods. Executive Search. Financials. Foods. Industrials. Internet. Marcom. Media. Retailing. Sports Marketing. Technology.

Career tenures with Ford Motor Co., Toyota USA, and PDCA Inc.. Consulting work with ALMS, AmEx, AOL, BRAC, Dreyfus, ExxonMobil, GM, Group Lotus, Hertz, Kodak, L.L.Bean, MCI, MSN, Porsche, SAP, Tishman-Speyer, and others.

Directed corporate departments, company start-ups, and profit turn-arounds. Led client and agency teams. Supervised national sales, marketing, advertising and on-line campaigns. Crafted brand strategies. Managed 9-figure budgets. Sold multi-million dollar partnerships. Recruited senior executives. Conducted M&A searches.

Achievement highlights-

* Business Coaching - eg; A PDCA client reversed its sales decline, increased its account list, improved operating efficiency, and recorded best-ever profitability.

* Brand Manager - eg; Over 25 lines and 7 product launches at Toyota and Ford, all achieving sales, marketing, awareness objectives.

* Partnership Sales - Corporate Alliances with Experiential, Social Marketing, and Strategic benefits. $350MM in PDCA partnerships, to date.

* Marketing Programs - eg; Helped Toyota to its first 1-million annual sales years. Delivered plans to other PDCA clients that also hit targets.

* On-line Sales - For DRIVE Auto Channel and

* An early-adopter of 'Lifestyle Experience' Events - For customer interaction and brand loyalty.

* Created an auto industry-leading model for Regional Advertising / Dealer Group cooperation.

* A pioneer of the 'Business ROI' sponsorship sales strategy in US motorsports.

* Served on Advisory Boards [technology, nutraceutical, search].

A practitioner of W. Edwards Deming's 'PDCA' practices and 'The [original] Toyota Process', applying these quality improvement principles to sales, marketing, business operations, and HR.

Boston College Accounting/Finance undergraduate.
Babson College MBA.

A NYC resident, Massachusetts native. Married. Enjoys running, sports, home design, motorsports, restaurants, museums, travel to Italy and Japan, and the study of history, technology, and comedy.


Special Olympics Coach.
College Gymnastics Coach.
College Accounting Instructor.
Professional Race Car Driver.
Co-Producer, Syndicated TV Show.
Writer / Commentator, On-Line TV Show.

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